Top 5 Regional and Traditional Indian Sarees

Top 5 Regional and Traditional Indian Sarees

Indian saree is known as by far the most elegant outfits worldwide. Saree is known as the oldest traditional dress of India and different regions have their own variety of saree. Different parts of their country have their own variety of the traditional saree which depicts the regions culture as well as the rich heritage. Some of the famous sarees are the Patola, Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, and the silk saree to name a few. Each of these sarees have been crafted in a unique manner which makes them stand apart from other in terms of the fabrics and the embroidery or pattern visible on these.

Let us have a look at the top 5 most famous traditional Sarees in various region of India

Banarasi Saree (Varanasi, UP)


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This saree is known as one of the finest sarees in India and is well known for the silver and gold brocade or zari, fine silk along with the magnificent embroidery. These sarees are very finely woven silk and are beautiful as well as very intricately decorated with delicate and fine design, which makes the engravings appear very heavy. These are known as the most popular in bridal Banarasi silk sarees in North India region

Tant (West Bengal)


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The word Tant refers to Made on the Loom. One can very well imagine how beautiful this Bengali Saree must be. Known as the Bengali masterpiece, this is also known as Bengal cotton. The fabric of this saree is very light to be worn, making it easy to be carried and is highlighted by the thick border and beautiful prints.

Muga Saree (Assam)


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The Muga silk sarees comes from the Assam region. These are made by a special kind of silk which is derived from the larvae which mainly feeds on two special leaves. The subsequent silk which comes from this larva is known to be the best. The saree is quite lustrous and durable too. The beautiful Muga saree can only be found in Assam.

Bandhani Saree (Rajasthan)


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Bandhini or also known as Bandhej is a very popular saree, and comes from the colourful states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The tie and dye technique is used for designing these bright and colourful sarees. The technique involves plucking the cloth with the fingernails and making many small bindings, which end up forming a figurative design. A typically Bandhani saree is known for its fashion,uniqueness, bright colours, making it apt for the summer of India.

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Kanjeevaram (Tamil Nadu)


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Kanjeevaram saree is also known as the queen of sarees. These sarees are crafted from a traditionally woven silk, which comes from the region of Kanjeevaram. The sarees are well known for the rich colours and texture, which makes this look very elegant, rich and graceful too.