What fashion blogging is all about and its educational outcome.

  • It’s all regarding building your blog. This is where we are going to show you the way to seek out the proper niche for you, the way to create a blog in less than a half-hour, the way to get an incredible logo that may provide your blog with a brand and stand out from everyone’s else boring looking logo, the way to track who’s visiting your blog, the way to create a copy to backup and keep your web site safe, and lots and lots more.
  • It’s where we have a tendency to get into content creation. You’ll find out how to form articles that stand out, the way to rewrite already well-liked articles to get you accustomed to writing superb content and direct all the interest to your blog, the top ten best varieties of blog articles and the way to put it in written format, the way to write excellent headlines, where to seek out free and gorgeous pictures for your articles and a whole lot of additional things.
  • It’s where the magic happens. You’ll learn the way to create a relationship with the most effective blogs and acquire them to market your content, the simplest way to bring in viral traffic in an instance, a straightforward Facebook technique to send you a lot of guests, see a way to write the proper guest post and therefore the emails to send that may get your blog shared overtime, the design of content that has been verified to come up with the foremost quantity of traffic, and an entire heap additional within that module.
  • You’ll learn the way to create your list. You’ll verify a way to build an email list, one in all the foremost necessary assets by far of any prospering blog, why this can be the simplest asset for generating tons of greenbacks down the road, a way to install email submission forms and where the most effective spots are to place them on your blog, you’ll learn the way to make lead magnets that are bribes what will increase your email assortment by three hundredths, the most effective ways for monetising your email and lots of additional things in there.
  • It’s where we tend to get into detail regarding the sole six ways in which high bloggers use to legitimatize their blog. I show you step by step directions to setting your blog up with ads, a way to create a membership web site that is the excellent answer to simply generating recurring financial gain, a way to produce your own merchandise regardless of what niche you’re in and create six figures from it, a way to get the most effective commissions and sell alternative peoples stuff, and a lot of additional things inside there.
  • It’s our far-famed, the Mental Game. Discover mental ways that no alternative blogging course covers that is totally crucial to your success online, four scientifically well-tried strategies that may make you superhuman and insanely productive, see why most bloggers quit after a few months and therefore the excellent answer to avoiding that, learn the mental ways that individuals don’t discover till years of failures and roadblocks, therefore, you don’t have to be compelled to go through all that yourself, and plenty additional things inside there also.


Module 1: Introduction to Fashion Blogging

  • Selecting the proper name, selecting an appropriate platform, Developing your portfolio, Planning.

Module 2: Developing Content

  • Developing a distinct segment, developing your expressive style, Post ideas – outfit posts – covering events – giveaways, making content tips, Understanding the distinction between editorial & promotional content.

Module 3: Making your brand

  • Brand development – your direction, Role of social media in disapproval, Collaborations & sponsorships, Connect along with your readers, socialisation – fellow bloggers – fashion weeks, and brand growth.

Module 4: Your web site

  • Making & maintaining your web site, Understanding copyright & avoiding lawsuits, blog statistics, managing negative comments.

Module 5: Blogging for Your Business

  • Define your strategy – business arrangements, online magazines & content mills, Understanding substantiation – videos & content, Learn where you ought to and should not cash, SEO – computer program optimisation, distinction between ad content, sponsored posts & paid reviews, Develop affiliate revenue channels, Discover different revenue opportunities, Accounting.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Subtitled Video Lectures & Live Streaming
  • Quiz & Interesting Assignments on each module
  • Final assessment – Industry Based
  • Blended learning, support and learning assistance from local tutors

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