About Us

Welcome to LISAA Delhi

India with its large young population, vast area and a fast growth rate has become one of the leading economies in the world. With liberalization, the spending power of the middle class and the young has increased.

Countries all over world see this potential and are keen to do business in India. Lisaa’s activities in the education and training of successful designers fit in perfectly within the objectives of this new India. Hence the government of India realizing this important role that design can play in the development of the nation, has just recently launched the Design policy.

Our Vision

  • Lisaa School of Design is a premier Design school in Delhi. It is well known all over the world that the French are recognized for their knowledge of aesthetics and their highly evolved sense of design and culture which make them leaders in the field of Design, Architecture, Graphics and Fashion.
  • The aim of Lisaa School of Design is to nurture their students to become not only technically professional but also be sensitive to the aesthetics, culture and spiritual ethos of the society for whom they design.
  • Lisaa School of Design has a multidisciplinary approach to design education that promotes both creativity and experimentation, studying and learning in this environment helps the students to develop a unique perspective.

Lisaa School of Design Offers Two Course Programs

Foundation year:(One Year)

Allows each student to evaluate their aptitude and choose an orientation for advanced training. At the end of this foundation year, each student will have acquired the necessary skills for entering a prestigious design school in India or abroad. With the representation techniques, the students gain the ability to give life to their ideas. By the end of the foundation year, the student will have mastered all of these techniques and be ready to continue in one of the advanced courses offered at Lisaa or by another national or international Art and design school or university.

Specialized Programs

Lisaa’s objective is to train top-notch creative talents perfectly adapted for the following disciplines :

Short Term Programs

English is mandatory to study in Lisaa School of Design. Lecturers, teachers, jury members and former students all participate in school life, forming an essential link between the student world and the professional environment of the various design fields.