FAQ – For Short Term Courses

Which all programs are offered in Long Term & Short term ?

A list of programs offered is as follows :

  • Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design (One/two/ three Year/s)
  • Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Interior Design (One/two/ three Year/s)
  • Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Graphic & Web Design(One/two/ three Year/s)

What are the program structures?

The Program Structures are provided on our website for all programs, kindly visit

  • Fashion & Textile Design
  • Interior Design Programs
  • Graphic & Web Design

What are the recognition/validation of programs offered by LISAA?

Students are awarded a Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ UG Diploma by LISAA Delhi.

What is the duration of the Program?

Duration of the programs are one/ two & three year.

What is the exam schedule/assessment criteria?

Students are assessed mid-term and end-term Jury held in the months of May & December respectively. The jury includes senior faculty members and experts from the respective industry.

What is the class schedule?

There will be 12 hrs of tutorial classes and 8 hours of self learning sessions in a week. Detailed time table will be shared with students on the orientation day.

What kind of faculty will be teaching?

Our faculty members carry extensive industry experience as well as experience in offering training in specialized areas of design.

What is the fee structure?

Please contact 9818882303 for prevailing fee structure.

What are the fee payment options?

Students can pay fee in one time or in instalments. The detailed structure will be issued on admission.

Is there any Scholarship or Discount?

Please contact 9818882303 for prevailing schemes.

What is the procedure for bank loans?

Bank loan facility through the institution is available currently through Bajaj Finserv @ 0% Rate of Intrest. The students can, however, approach the banks for personal loans/student loan which should be easily available for the given amount. Please note Lisaa will provide admission documents required for a bank loan.