Textile Design (1 year course)

Lisaa School of Design Delhi introducing new ‘Textile Design ’ course


A design is a drawing or sketch made to depict the appearance of something before its production. Textile Designing is an art of creating and manipulating fabric resulting in a marvellous piece of satisfaction.

Textile Design is creating a new design through fabrics, not to design a dress from a fabric. A Textile Designer converts a plain fabric into a designer piece with embroidery, prints, weaving and colouring. Textile designing affects the process from the raw material into finished product.

Elements of fabric design are fibres, yarns, fabric construction, dyes, prints etc. But the technology behind is not as simple as the word Textile sounds. It is a big industry which is not limited only to weaving. Use of computer and technology, Cutting prints, use of traditional analogue and digital techniques, all comes within the industry of textile making. Hand embroidery, knitting, laser-cutting, screen printing etc. are also parts of this industry. Creativity and innovation play a vital role in textile designing.

Whenever there is a talk about fashion, textile is the basic component on which fashion industry stand. It is the thread who tells the story of its success on behalf of the designer. Its quality, design and print attract the buyer who does not feel shy to go a step further in shelling a little more money from their pocket than their budget.


The course in Textile Designing will enable the students become specialists in different subjects of textile designing such as textile engineering, clothing manufacture, apparel merchandising, fashion business, clothing management etc. The students will also learn creation and functional utilisation of various textiles, creation and design of different types of fabrics.


Working as a textile designer can be fun and challenging. If you have got a flair and passion for design and fabrics, and you want to pursue a creative career in this fastest growing textile industry, then this course is for you.

Major recruitment areas are fashion houses, jewellery houses, export houses etc. Top job profiles are textile designer, fabric resource manager, fabric analyser, etc. One can also become an entrepreneur apart from preferring a job.

There are many job profiles in Textile Design:

  • Weaver
  • TextileDesigner
  • TextileArtist
  • Freelance TextileArtist
  • ProductDeveloper
  • TextileTechnologist
  • Spatial Designer

Some of the major recruiters in the Textile Design industry are:

  • Raymond ApparelLtd
  • Silver Spark Apparel
  • Pantaloons
  • Lifestyle
  • Spykar
  • Adidas
  • Bata
  • Swarovski
  • Reid &Taylor

 Course Modules

  • Textiles Technology and clothing
  • Fabric manipulation and finishes
  • Illustrations and technical packs
  • Color analysis
  • Design and art
  • Design elements and principles
  • Fabric sourcing and field study
  • History of art and craft
  • Textile design management and fashion forecasting
  • Properties of textile materials and design sheets
  • Textile quality analysis and assurance
  • Surface ornamentation and development techniques
  • Textile dyeing and printing
  • Textile weaving and knitting technology
  • Appreciation of traditional textiles
  • Styling for apparel and home furnishings


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