Fashion Communication ( 6 months – 1 year course )

Lisaa School of Design Delhi introducing new ‘Fashion Communication’ course


Fashion Design is about actually creating a product, whereas Fashion Communication is how to put across your design once your product is ready. How you sell it; how you market it; how you create a story or narrative around it; how you prepare a window display; everything which comes around that product; is where the communication department of the fashion industry comes in.

Fashion Communication is all about communicating the fashion. It is very new concept, it was not there since a long time, it has been introduced in fashion industry quite a few years ago. It is also one of the fastest growing field due to its diverse commercial value.

Branding word has been trending these days. Brand identity which is something for which fashion communication designers are being hired for creating brand image.

If you see a brand is working great, then definitely a communication designer is behind it. This is the value and power of a communication designer. A consumer is attracted towards the packaging and towards a brand because brand is making them feel that they are valuable for that. To make a product’s brand value, communication designers are the one who play a vital role.

Colours, graphics, typeface, motion graphics, branding and packaging, visual merchandising, fashion media, styling, photography—everything comes under the domain of a Communication Designer.


Fashion Communication course can be divided in two major fields—Visual communication which means Advertising, Packaging Design, Typeface design. Other is Fashion journalism which covers Content Writing, Copywriting, Fashion Blogging. Visual Merchandising is another field which covers Store design, Set design, Exhibition design.

Fashion Styling, Media and Digital Design. UI-UX, Web Design, Infographics, Animation etc. also come under Fashion Communication.


If your thought process is very much topic oriented and you have an aptitude of awareness about things, definitely this course is for you.

As the Sun gives light to everyone, likewise the time gives opportunity to everyone, whether use it or misuse it. Learning fashion communication is a good opportunity to utilise your time to build a strong career.

Also, one can start his or her own brand later once you are fully equipped with the experience in this field. There are many more options of career building in this field, like: Fashion Journalist, Content Creator, Book/Magazine Editor, Stylist, Graphic Illustrator, Fashion Photographer, UI-UX Designer (User Interface and User Experience), Visual Merchandiser, PR & Advertising, etc.

Top Recruiters who hire Fashion communicators are Marks & Spencer, Madura Garments, Shoppers Stop, Christian Dior Lifestyle,Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Liberty, Freelook Graphic Design, Lopez Design, Marie Claire Images, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Times of India, Asian Age, Couture Asia, Femina, FDCI, MTV.

Course Modules

  • Creative content writing
  • Fashion media and  blogging
  • Social media handling and brand building
  • Handling public relations and fashion advertising
  • Display and exhibit design
  • Visual merchandising and marketing
  • Fashion styling and lifestyle
  • History of design and creative process
  • Fashion photography
  • Product design
  • Fashion magazine direction and creation
  • Fashion journalism
  • Fashion event planning and production
  • Fashion editing
  • Luxury brand management
  • Fashion media and styling


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