Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design & Technology

Advance Diploma in Fashion

Advanced Diploma in fashion designing course covers modules like History of World Costumes, Fashion Art and Appreciation, Portfolio Development/Professional Knowledge and more.


MODULE - History of World Costumes, Fashion Art and Appreciation
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the History of Fashion
  • Fashion evolution and its significance
  • Study of world costumes in detail (western and traditional)
  • History of Indian Costume
  • History of Costume II: The 19th Century
  • History of Costume III: The 20th Century
  • History of Costume IV: Contemporary Dress
  • Introduction to the world of art and appreciation and its importance
  • Art and Fashion- mutual appreciation
MODULE - Fashion Styling/Fashion Communication
  • Fundamentals of design, composition, styling and communication
  • Research and develop original concepts
  • Combine garments to create complementing looks to the clients
  • Design the visual aesthetic with the fashion product from choosing props, accessories, location, model, photographic style, make-up and hairdo
  • Fundamentals of Fashion display
  • Fundamental of Fashion styles with body types
  • Fashion stylish background presentation.
MODULE - Draping (Women’s Wear)
  • Draping of basic bodice and basic skirt on the dress form
  • Draping of bias dress, blouse and skirt
  • Different draping techniques pleating, ruching and different draping manipulations
  • Draping of different types of cowl dress and Bamboo Drape.
MODULE - Pattern Making and Garment Construction of Men’s Wear
  • Construction of different samples for men’s shirt plackets and pockets
  • Pattern making and construction of shirts
  • Construction of different samples for men’s pants pockets, zipper placement, jet piece preparations
  • Pattern making and construction of men’s shirts
  • Introduction of Indian menswear
  • Mens-coat, Jacket, kurtas.
MODULE - Advanced Digital Imaging
  • Introduction to Illustrator and its tools, Basics of Illustrator
  • Garments flat designing (Men & Women)
  • Basic croquis- features, hairstyles, different poses
MODULE - Fashion Marketing and Retailing
  • Basics of marketing
  • Fundamentals of marketing and its principles
  • Branding and retailing
  • Advertising & promotion
  • Selling Task
  • Fashion life of Market
MODULE - Men’s Fashion Illustration/Croqui by hand
  • Men’s Fashion drawing croquis making
  • Freehand sketching, stick figures, Block figure, fleshing the figure
  • Men’s Fashion Illustrations by hand and computer
  • Rendering of Men’s fashion illustration
MODULE - Craft Documentation
  • Study any Indian craft and do detail research about the craft, visit the place where craft is taking place, learn detailed process of the craft, click a lot of pictures
  • Make any 3 products could be garments, home furnishings or accessories
  • Compile the process and make a coffee table book
  • Mens wear design collection (4-5 garments)


MODULE - Fashion Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Identifying the Product and the Business Concept
  • Planning a Strategy to Open a Business
  • Finding the Right Location for the Business
  • Management, and market segmentation
MODULE - Photography
  • Basics of Photography
  • Fundamentals of Fashion photography
  • Garments/Collection shoot
MODULE - Portfolio Development/Professional Knowledge
  • Professional portfolio compilation and its process
  • Resume development
  • Personal presentation: the right approach
  • Industry process and knowledge
MODULE - Kids Fashion Illustration/Croquis by hand
  • Kids Fashion drawing croquis making
  • Freehand sketching, stick figures, Block figure, fleshing the figure
  • Kids Fashion Illustrations by hand and computer
  • Rendering of Kids fashion illustration

Development of Final COUTURE design collection (4-5 garments)

A list of programs offered is as follows :

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Interior Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Graphic & Web Design(One/two/ three Year/s)
The Program Structures are provided on our website for all programs, kindly visit

Fashion & Textile Design

Interior Design Programs

Graphic & Web Design
Students are awarded a Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ UG Diploma by LISAA Delhi.
Students are assessed mid-term and end-term Jury held in the months of May & December respectively. The jury includes senior faculty members and experts from the respective industry.
Class Days - 4 Days in a Week
Class Hours - 4 Hours
Our faculty members carry extensive industry experience as well as experience in offering training in specialized areas of design.
Please contact 9818882303 for the prevailing fee structure.
Students can pay fee in one time or in instalments. The detailed structure will be issued on admission.
Please contact 9818882303 for prevailing schemes.
Bank loan facility through the institution is available currently through Bajaj Finserv @ 0% Rate of Intrest.

The students can, however, approach the banks for personal loans/student loan which should be easily available for the given amount. Please note Lisaa will provide admission documents required for a bank loans.

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