Lisaa School Of Design looks for talented, intelligent and ambitious students who work hard round the year to build their career in the field of Art & Design. Lisaa evaluates students on the basis of their creativity, asthetic sense, communication skills, commitment levels and ability to handle stress.

LISAA Achievements


Admission Process


Lisaa CAT Online Exam

Admission Open

In order to handle huge volumes of applications each year from remote areas of the country, Lisaa school of design conducts online exams to suit the student’s needs. The students while sitting at home can take the Lisaa CAT online exam by following the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1 Log on to ( and register for All India Lisaa CAT.

Step 2 Password will be shared by the admissions team.

Step 3 Student has 6 hrs to complete the exam and submit the answer sheet.

Step 4 Result declaration in 24 hrs.

Step 5 Personal interview through Skype,phone or in person & portfolio assessment.

Step 6 Fee Payment within 10 days of receiving confirmation.


Lisaa CAT Offline Exam

Admission Open

Log on to and register for All India Lisaa CAT offline exam.

The results will be declared in 24 hrs followed by personal interview & portfolio assessment.

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