Fashion Marketing and Merchandising ( 6 months – 1 year course )

Lisaa School of Design Delhi introducing new ‘Fashion Marketing and Merchandising’ course


Fashion’ can be defined as a popular or the latest style or manner of dressing at a particular time or event. And the  term ‘Fashion Merchandising’ is production and marketing of new styles of clothing or cosmetics.

Merchandise’ word is the synonym of Trade in which various types of goods which are bought in wholesale and sold in retail for profit. Also stock the goods in a store for sale in right quantity, at right time and at right place with proper planning and promotion. This exercise when undertaken in fashion industry is called Fashion Merchandising.

Fashion Merchandisers understand the human nature of projecting their clients in fascinating outfits before others. These tactics help the fashion stores to skilfully portray their products in their establishments and sell them promptly and firmly. To sell their product is the ultimate aim of any merchant. To grab the buyers’ eyes, different techniques are used by these sellers.

What do you think why studying Fashion Merchandising is important? Fashion Merchandising acts as a strong pillar of Fashion Industry. It is a journey from designer to customer through a well regulated chain with organised and skilful advertisement using attractive displays.

The aim of a Fashion Merchandiser is to lure the customer towards the product and compelling him/her to buy it as if otherwise he/she would be doing a mistake. He has to coordinate and discuss with the producers, distributors and retailers as well assess the mood of customers. Also, he has to work closely with the designing, planning and sales teams; to do stock planning, management and control process and to sell more effectively.

There are two types of Fashion Merchandising; Visual—art of display, decor, project a positive image, draw customer’s attention and enticing them to buy; and Apparel—Interface between Exporter and Buyer, order analysis, shipment. An Apparel Merchandiser is responsible to bring your product safely to the end-consumer while building a base of confidence and to carefully watch the trends and do forecasting.

Duties of a Fashion Merchandiser generally are:

  • Fashion show visit
  • Research & predicting fashiontrends
  • Negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers and
  • Working with Designers, planning and salesteams
  • Managing retail outlets
  • Store displays
  • Directing fashion photoshoots
  • Determining types ofclientele
  • Pricing – based on quality andaffordability
  • Finding the best prices to stay withinbudgets
  • Developing advertisement and marketing


Fashion Merchandising course is for bringing out artistic and leadership skills of creative aspirants. The students will learn:

  • The art of Advertisement; Promotion; Store Planning; Visual Merchandising; Catalogue Development; Product Assortment; Analysing Budget and Distribution Strategies; Negotiation & Communication Skills. They will also acquire good exposure in Retailing, Buying Inventory and Stock
  • Forecasting ability (with thorough knowledge of past fashion trends and awareness of current industry development and planning for future.
  • Analytical ability like budgeting, and to learn from flopped trends and functional


Sky is the limit and the field is unlimited after becoming a Fashion Merchandiser. You have all options open to become a Product Line Manager; Visual Merchandiser; Design Development Coordinator; Market Research Trainee; Assistant Buyer; Store Manager; Merchandising Coordinator; Merchandise Planner; Fashion Stylist; Fashion Journalists; Fashion Consultants; and above all you can own venture or entrepreneurship

Course Module

  • Fashion retailing
  • Fashion marketing management
  • Social media handling
  • Blogging and content writing
  • Digital, Viral and Visual merchandising
  • Business management and brand building
  • Impact of COVID 19 on fashion industry and forecast
  • Modern fashion industry merchandising
  • Global fashion management and system
  • Public relations and luxury brand management
  • Fashion advertising and promotional strategies and skills
  • Product designing and creative process
  • Event management and display designing


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