UG Diploma in Fashion Design


This comprehensive course makes the student eligible for a dual certification, that is, on successful completion of the course the student is awarded with a diploma certificate from the institute and also attains a degree from Subharti University. While completing the degree program in B.Design with the university the student gets the industrial in-depth knowledge at the institute. This course aims at aligning the design techniques and skills of the candidate with the latest technology for innovation and development.

An inclusive undergraduate Bachelor in fashion design program by Lisaa Delhi helps students impart knowledge in fashion design, retail management and fashion industry. It provides deep information about necessary techniques like drawing, color, material usage, CAD, etc., used by designers throughout the world.

LISAA’s relations with the corporates ensure the proper equation between our teaching and the demands of the companies. Our corporate partners are consulted and involved in the update of our programs, thesis projects, internships, showrooms.

Undergraduate Certificate course in Fashion and product management One Year


  • To impart knowledge in fashion design, retail management and fashion industry
  • To prepare the students with necessary techniques like drawing, color, material usage, CAD, etc.,usedby designers throughout the world

Course Characterstics

1/ Professional Workshop Volume/ Shape

  • Fashion design, pattern making

2 / Professional Workshop Material/Surfaces

  • Textile design, textile technology

3 / Cultural and Professional Environment

  • Communication, Graphics, Professional Knowledge

4/ Design methodologies

  • Ready to wear Collection Project Diploma

5 / Professional Knowledge

  • Internship

Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklace, because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, must at times anticipate changing consumer tastes.

Jobs that will be available after diploma in Fashion designing :

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Retail
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Product Merchandiser
  • Stylist
  • Costume designer
  • Accessories designer
  • Lifestyle designer
  • Fashion blog writer
  • Ready to wear designer
  • Product manager
  • Studio manager
  • Press agent
  • Pattern maker

Semester I

Module - Fashion Design and Illustration(50hrs)
  • Elements and Principles of design
  • Color schemes and colors psychology
  • Introduction to the fashion and garment industry
  • Introduction to world fashion
  • Introduction to the design process, development of mood board, development of design collections for garments
Module - Basic of pattern making and garment construction( 50 hrs)
  • Introduction to pattern making, terminology, tools and equipment
  • Introduction to sewing machines, types and their parts functions
  • Introduction to measurement and its importance
  • Fabric preparation for garment construction, principles of layout
  • Drafting of basic bodice, skirts and sleeve
  • A conversation of basic blocks to different styles
  • Introduction to sewing techniques likes seams, tucks, pleats, gathers
  • Making of 3 different garments
Module - Textile science (30 hrs)
  • Introduction to natural and commercial synthetic fibers
  • Important properties of the fiber.
  • Types of Yarn
  • Different types of fabric and weaves
  • A brief introduction to dyeing and printing
Module 4 (30 hrs)
  • Fundamentals of CAD, Design process
  • Basic coral draw- tools, motif development and application
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Logo designing and application
Module 5 ( 30hrs )
  • Fundamentals of Production management
  • Word / Advance excel
  • Planning and costing management on excel
Project 1 ( 50 hrs)

Semester II

Module - Advanced pattern making and garment construction (55hrs)
  • Dart manipulation
  • Pattern making and construction of frocks (2 types)
  • Pattern making and construction of salwar suits (2types)
  • Pattern making and construction of blouses ( 2 types)
  • Development of design collection (5-6 garments)
Module - Computer aided Fashion Design ( 30 hrs)
  • Basic Croquie features/ hairstyle, different poses.
  • Flat Designing of casual, formal wears
  • Flat Designing of sports, beach and nightwear
  • Flat Designing of the party and bridal wear.
  • Adobe photoshop- Draping( casual, formal, sports, beach, night, party and bridal wear)
Module - Fashion ornamentation ( 30 hrs)
  • Introduction to hand embroidery stitches 15 types
  • Introduction to traditional embroidery of Indian
  • Learning Free style embroidery and fabric manipulation
  • Learning of Tie-dye and block printing methods
Module - Fashion Merchandising (45 hrs)
  • Introduction- Fashion industry buying house, export home, domestic selling, wholesale and retail marketing sourcing of fabrics and trims
  • Different departments in the garment industry
  • Merchandising- Role of merchandiser, sample, production, quality, visual merchandising
  • Plan collection
  • Production planning
  • Documentation- export document, technical pack and others
  • Costing studies
  • Entrepreneurship- boutique, industry, market serve
Project 2 / Portfolio(80 hrs)
A list of programs offered is as follows :

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Interior Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Graphic & Web Design(One/two/ three Year/s)
The Program Structures are provided on our website for all programs, kindly visit

Fashion & Textile Design

Interior Design Programs

Graphic & Web Design
Students are awarded a Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ UG Diploma by LISAA Delhi.
Students are assessed mid-term and end-term Jury held in the months of May & December respectively. The jury includes senior faculty members and experts from the respective industry.
Class Days - 4 Days in a Week
Class Hours - 4 Hours
Our faculty members carry extensive industry experience as well as experience in offering training in specialized areas of design.
Please contact 9818882303 for the prevailing fee structure.
Students can pay a fee at one time or in installments. The detailed structure will be issued on admission.
Please contact 9818882303 for prevailing schemes.
Bank loan facility through the institution is available currently through Bajaj Finserv @ 0% Rate of Intrest.

The students can, however, approach the banks for personal loans/student loan which should be easily available for the given amount. Please note Lisaa will provide admission documents required for a bank loan.

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