Makeup Art Course Online in Delhi – Weekend Makeup Courses – 2 Months Course


Pooja Paliwal is a professional makeup artist. working in this industry from last 12 years. She is passionate about makeup as well as making each and every makeup lover a unique artist . Has worked in numerous organizations as well as with celebrities which has provided her with diverse knowledge . With a belief that Learning and sharing one’s knowledge is one of the most noble things anyone can pursue she has taught over 500 students in last 6 years and provided them with different insights of this field which has lead them to their greatest potential. Her aim towards providing everyone with the knowledge of my best known skills and techniques.

Career Scope

These courses will provide you with individual growth which can help you to establish your own business , set ups and ideas which will lead to your personal and self growth by leading yourself towards success. and in fact this courses will provide you with lifetime of art which will only lead to growth with more experience and help you to provide your services at different organizations like Parlors , media and various shooting places. It will help you to create different personal styles which will create your individuality which will have a long term effect on your life leading to success.


There is no limit when think for your own establishments ( minimum 1 to no limit)Self work with different individuality will lead you to create your own style in market and create your own name by charging premium prices for your services from customers. But if you think about for the Job then you earn min 30k Your different styles will help you to provide different services at organisations for which you will be paid . Also creating new styles in this industry leads to you get premium charges from different organisations

Syllabus includes the following:

  • Duration – 2 months
  • International Bridal Makeup
  • 3D eye makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Air Brush Makeup
  • Media Makeup
  • Nude Makeup
  • Contour Makeup
  • Waterproof Makeup
  • All type Skin Makeup
  • 5 different hair styling