BSc in Animation Course ( Subharti University )

Graphic & Web Design Under Graduate Diploma

An inclusive undergraduate program by Lisaa Delhi helps students impart knowledge in basic concept of Graphic & Web Design Course and teach student how to develop their ideas using various media.

Creative and Technical Profiles

The graphic designer creates the mood which gives life to the press.

The graphic designer produces visual identities for various sectors and renews the graphic codes.

Training is Adapted to the Sectors Needs

Our professors are professionals; they know the demands of this fast-moving market.

They teach the undergraduate students how to construct a project for specific targets and how to develop their ideas using various media. The goal is to satisfy a growing demand for creative images.

Training which targets three aspects

The affirmation one’s personality and of a professionalism Our students develop a professional attitude: imaginationtechnologyself-criticism and listening skills. Through applied work and experimental projects, they acquire the experience, the sense of management and creative daring.

The Acquisition of a Culture of Image

This undergraduate diploma program improve their creativity, our students appropriate the history of graphic design (style, trends, techniques) and the latest trends. They learn to identify, collect and take advantage of these references to feed their imagination.

The Mastering of Techniques

A designer must master all the tools at its disposal: traditional (drawing, photography) and computer tools. This knowledge allows new combinations of unique proposals: watercolour mixed with videos, a poster responds to a web page, typography is in movement and illustration gets sound.


Students from any stream (Science, Commerce & Humanities) who have appeared or passed the Senior Secondary School Examination or equivalent, 10+2 model from any board, are eligible to apply.


  • Freelance illustrator
  • Creative director of a newspaper
  • Creative director in the specialized press
  • Creative director in publishing
  • Creative director in advertising
  • Model maker
  • Roughman
  • Packaging designer
  • Freelance designer
  • Corporate graphic designer
  • Sign and logo designer
  • Creative director in museums
  • Multimedia creative director
  • Web designer
  • Flash animator
  • Project Manager
  • Motion designer


MODULE - Year 1

The first year provides the student with the methodological, technical and conceptual tools needed to define and implement a graphic message: the analysis of symbolism, the culture of image, mastered the software, etc.

MODULE - Year 2

The second year, students follow specific courses. The teaching corresponds to the industry in which they would like to work (web, phone, advertising, audiovisual, illustration, press). The final year thesis allows the student to further personalize his portfolio, to assert his personality and to facilitate his or her placement.

A list of programs offered is as follows :

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Interior Design (One/two/ three Year/s)

Diploma / Advance Diploma / UG Diploma in Graphic & Web Design(One/two/ three Year/s)
The Program Structures are provided on our website for all programs, kindly visit

Fashion & Textile Design

Interior Design Programs

Graphic & Web Design
Students are awarded a Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ UG Diploma by LISAA Delhi.
Students are assessed mid-term and end-term Jury held in the months of May & December respectively. The jury includes senior faculty members and experts from the respective industry.
Class Days - 4 Days in a Week
Class Hours - 4 Hours
Our faculty members carry extensive industry experience as well as experience in offering training in specialized areas of design.
Please contact 9818882303 for the prevailing fee structure.
Students can pay the fee at one time or in installments. The detailed structure will be issued on admission.
Please contact 9818882303 for prevailing schemes.
Bank loan facility through the institution is available currently through Bajaj Finserv @ 0% Rate of Intrest.

The students can, however, approach the banks for personal loans/student loan which should be easily available for the given amount. Please note Lisaa will provide admission documents required for a bank loan.

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