Interior Design Course

Design a showroom Areas & design brief will be provided


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Interior Design Course Overview

These programs are most suited for learners interested in executing complex projects including housing, working areas, leisure areas, public areas, sets, and commercial architecture. Learners are equipped to make formal choices, make technical decisions, and produce structured visual elements so as to present ones project, drafting, axes, cuts, outlines, perspectives, material boards and final models.

Program Title Duration
Advanced Diploma in Interior Design 2 Years
Diploma in Interior Design 1 Year
Under Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
Weekend Diploma in Interior Design 1 Year


  • To introduce the student to basic principles of design & visual representation techniques, enabling them to produce concept sketches, measured drawings & 3d drawings of their design.
  • To familiarize the student with interior space planning, right from the design brief to the final design proposal stage of a project.
  • To enable students to use AutoCAD for designing, rendering 2d, rendering 3d drawings & drawing layouts.


  • Interior designer
  • Designer Merchandiser
  • Colorist
  • Designer Furniture and Objects
  • Advertising designer
  • Designer Packaging
  • Product Designer
  • Set Designer
  • TV Designer
  • Designer of Events


This unit aims to develop the learners skills needed to create and modify interior environments for specific purposes and to a professional standard. Various presentation methods are taught such as orthographic drawings, CAD, model making etc to develop the ability to communicate 3D ideas through a range of visual presentation techniques. The students are encouraged to develop research methods to understand design development processes, particularly those involving teamwork. Developing an understanding of construction techniques, decoration, furnishing, fixtures and fittings and preparing specifications for contractors the roles and responsibilities of the professional interior designer, including working within teams of other professionals. Outside work should include site visits, experience of measuring, surveying and estimation, workshops, visits to design studios and appropriate industrial sites will contextualise practical studies. Learners should develop competence in working with materials samples with a thorough understanding of contemporary professional practice.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  • To be able to manipulate interior environments to meet design requirements
  • To be able to respond to the aesthetic and functional requirements of an interior design brief
  • To be able to employ technical processes to respond to an interior design brief
  • Understand how to operate as a professional interior designer.

Diploma in Interior Design

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

Under Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

Short Term, Weekend Course in Interior Design