Traditional Indian Interior Design

Traditional Indian Interior Design

India is well known for it rich and varied culture, heritage and history. Interior design played an integral role in the era of Royal Indian kings and the queens of the past. This can be clearly seen in the architectural marvels such as those of Sun Temple, Galden Namgey Lhatse, Taj Mahal and many more. In the present times too, the Indian interior design style remains diverse and clear even after getting influenced by the different dynasties across the country.


In primitive India, architects worked quite like interior designers. The same can be seen from the references of one of the Indian Hindu God Vishwakarma the Architect.Besides this, the sculptures also depicted the ancient texts and all the events were visible in palaces which were built in 17th century in India.

India is known for the huge variety of craft and textile traditions. One can see hand block prints, hand-woven textiles, handcrafted home products, hand embroideries, handcrafted home products, and these looks so pretty in homes. Beautiful silk and stain fabrics merged patterns and textured furnishings in your space. You can even hang these on the wall and let them adorn your home.


Tiles, granite and marble are typically found in the Indian homes and are used expansively. Besides this, people also use timber floor, and bamboo holds an important place in the Indian decor. Bamboo is widely sued in coaster, bedrooms, sofas, boxes and these add an elegant and sophisticated touch. Hand painting on bamboo is also a very important part of our Indian folk design.

One can see statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesseswhich are crafted out of wood silver, bronze, wood, and even gold look very attractive to the eyes in the Indian styled rooms. One see find exclusive and interesting hand carved artworks which are available in quite a few stores which deal in Indian artifacts across the nation. One can also see Lord Buddha and Lord Ganeshas which add immense personality to any Indian home.


Large paintings are also used as beautiful centre pieces. In case you have quite a few number of smaller pieces you could create a gallery wall. An Indian home design looks pretty much incomplete without statues. The most common pieces are those of religious idols belonging to Ganesh or Buddhaor statues of animals such as Camel, Elephants and Turtles are the common choices.

If you wish to decorate your home in pure traditional Indian way then make sure you use bright and vibrant colors which are similar to the Indian spices to give it a traditional feel. The colorful spices showcase the richness and vibrancy of our country and this looks great against any white decor.

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India Ancient History and Cultureproposes endless exciting possibilities along with the richness of decorative choices to decorate your home in the most traditional manner.