Top Fashion Influencers to follow on Instagram

For those of you who are not well versed with an abbreviation, OOTD, on Instagram it stands for Outfits Of The Day. This is very often owned by fashion bloggers on Instagram, these accounts are a very good medium of staying up to date with the latest trends and fashion keeping the ideas in rolling for the fresh new looks which you can try for yourself.

There are some very popular OOTD Instagram accounts right from the fashion bloggersand stylists located around the world, and quite a few of them have millions of followers since last many years.

1) Caroline Daur, Germany

Caroline began clicking pictures when she was only a teenager. The 22-year-old blogger has covered Grazia Italy, Vogue Japan and Lofficiel Germany.

She has starred in a campaign for Dior, designed her own signature lipstick with MAC, besides many other interesting things. She has more than a million followers on Instagram and never fails to come up with the latest fashion inspiration.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/carodaur/

2) Alexa Chung, UK

Alexa Chung doesnt really require an introduction. She is an active socialite and one of the top Instagram fashion influencer who has almost has 2.9 million followers.

Right from convincing us that Peter Pan collars and overalls are perfectly acceptable things for adult women to introducing her own lines with the likes of Marks and Spencer and AG Jeans, shes done it all and been very successful with everything.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/alexachung/

3) Wendy Nguyen, USA

Wendy Nguyen is known as a street chic subject personified and celebrates a fan following on social media. She not only has a successful career in fashion, however, is very deeply involved in the philanthropic efforts which lay emphasis on children and education.

Wendy is a true embodiment of beauty which starts from within.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/wendyslookbook/

4) Cara Loren, USA

Cara Loren is not a stereotype fashion blogger. Shes only 24 years old and she has created her own strong social presence through her aspirational workout regimen, approachable style sensibilities, and effortless beauty tutorials.

She is a mother of two young boys and has been able to carve out a successful self-made career

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/caraloren/

5) Camille Charriere, France

Camille Charriere was brought up in Paris. She is known as one of the most successful fashion blogger.

Camille is a true Parisian, and knows the best places to visit for sipping an espresso between the styling appointments and loves to rock a white shirt while doing the same.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/camillecharriere/

6) Chiara Ferragni, Italy

Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger meant for ending all the fashion bloggers. Her One of her blogs by the name of- Blonde Salad, has been studied by business students, and because of her popularity she was the first one to use the same and influenced that for launching her own lines.

Shes only 30 years old, and is one of the top fashion Instagram influencers who has more than 11 million followers.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/chiaraferragni/

7) Kat Tanita, USA

Kat Tanita is known as one of the fastest-rising fashion along with being a travel influencer in the world. Alongside working in the fashion industry, Kat began to blog as a creative outlet and shared her personal preferences for beauty, style and travel musings.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/kattanita/

8) Haile Thomas, USA

Haile’s IG is a health activist, a well-known international speaker, and the CEO of her own company, The Happy Org. When shes not cooking yummy food in the kitchen shes busy slaying the world through her crazy and attractive appearance.

Follow Her On:https://www.instagram.com/hailethomas/

9) Alexandra Pereira, Spain

Alexandra Pereira is a renowned digital influencer as well as a blogger, who likes to shares her personal life, interests, fashion and travel with the digital world. She likes to collaborate with fashion powerhouses along with the well-known brands.

Alexandra has created her own fashion line LOVELY PEPA, this is a collection of her experience of globetrotting and experience within the fashion industry.

Follow Her On: https://www.instagram.com/lovelypepa/