Top 6 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Top 6 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

One of the challenges being constantly faced by the clients of interior designers is a basic lack of understanding or vocabulary in describing and defining their individual style of design. Thanks to the huge number of design styles which are all unique in nature, it can be quite a tedious task to figure out which style works best for them.

For an interior designer, an apt starting point would be to gain knowledge and expertise about each style along with latest trends and understanding how each of these varies from one to the other.

Here are the top 6 all-time Interior Design Styles:

1) Modern Style


Modern is a broad design term which refers to a home which is done up with crisp lines, clean, along with a simple colour palette and the usage of materials which entail glass, metal and steel.

A sense of simplicity stands out very clearly in every element in the modern design, which encompasses the furniture too. Sleek is a very common term being used to describe the modern style. With not much clutter or accessories, in this classic yet simple style makes the concept a very elegant statement.

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2) Industrial Style


The Industrial look takes the individual back to the turn-of-the-century industrial era. As the name suggests, this design lays emphasis on the liberal usage of exposed steel along with distressed wooden elements, which are complemented by the brick walls which are all exposed. The modern variant generally encompasses the hues of copper. The general look and feel of the industrial decor are typically rustic and mature in nature.

3) Mid-Century Style


The Mid-century design evolved in the 1940s to 1970s and demonstrated a post-war era which was far more relaxed. The design aesthetic uses the natural curved shapes like the egg like Eames chair and minimalist silhouettes for evoking a nostalgic retro style. The living style in this design offered is fuss free which highlights the overall functionality and openness of a space.

4) Classic Style


The classic style is quite refined, much more developed, and rich in details. These things can be clearly seen in both in the structure of furniture, lighting, in sets and prints. The furniture is typically the art type, which is inlaid and carved. The style is adorned with vegetables, floral elements and various leitmotif or scenes which have been drawn from legends.

5) Scandinavian Style


This style gets the inspiration from mountains, snow and fjords of the Nordic countries, the Scandi interiors, which are well known all over the globe. The style of the interior looks beautiful in bedroom, bathrooms and in living areas. The Layer wools, fabrics and fur places on a glass or wooden framework depicts a cool Nordic interior. One can see pared back coziness, lots of texture and clean lines.

6) Contemporary Style


The main variance between the contemporary and modern design style is strict interpretation of design which was introduced in the 20th century. Contemporary design is more fluid and depicts a sense of currency with less loyalty to one style. For instance, the contemporary style includes the curving lines whereas the modern design does not.