Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

SEMESTER III MODULE History of World Costumes, Fashion Art and Appreciation Gain an in-depth knowledge of History of Fashion Fashion evolution and its significance Study of world costumes in detail (western and traditional) History of Indian Costume Introduction to the world of art and appreciation and its importance Art and Fashion- the mutual appreciation MODULE […]

Interior Design Course

Design a showroom Areas & design brief will be provided

Under Graduate Diploma in Graphic & Web Design

Graphic & Web Design Under Graduate Diploma An inclusive undergraduate program by Lisaa Delhi helps students impart knowledge in basic concept of Graphic & Web Design Course and teach student how to develop their ideas using various media. Creative and technical profiles The graphic designer creates the mood which gives life to the press. The [...]

Under Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

An inclusive undergraduate program by Lisaa Delhi helps students impart knowledge in Interior design. The training in this workshop approaches complex projects: housing, working areas, leisure areas, public areas, sets, and commercial architecture. Interior Design Undergraduate Course Overview The changes in our society and way of life involve the designer in a permanent analysis and [...]

Foundation Year

In the specialized foundation courses, the students confirm their vocation. During weekly workshops, they work on specific projects and gain the essential know-how of the design field targeted.

Fashion & Textile Design Course

Fashion Design Course Overview These programs are most suited for learners interested in the structure and shape of garments with a feeling for cutting and shaping. During the program, learners develop abilities to visualise, draw, sketch, use different colors and transform a piece of cloth into a masterpiece through weaving, dying, embroideries & knitting techniques. [...]
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