Diploma in Fashion Design


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Fashion is popular styles of clothes, hair etc. at a particular time and place. Essentially, it means a style that is up-to-date; it influences what people wear and how they look. Changes that take place in the fashion industry are followed by people everywhere on all levels of society. Fashion carries prominent social significance and impact on human behaviour.

Course Information:

Course Duration 1 Year
Class Days 4 Days in a Week
Class Hours 4 Hours
Course Eligibility 10 + 2 (Any Stream)

Apart from analysing the current fashion trend, fashion designers have to understand the fashion design principles for creating aesthetic values. The design should also meet the needs of the target group/occasion and be able to express the individuality and creativity of the designer. Cultural and social changes affect the fashion trend and how people perceive aesthetic values and related design principles. What is considered to be beautiful one year may not be considered the same way a few years later.

Lisaa School of Design has a unique syllabus which helps you to explore designer within. We believe in practical based learning and focus in to a practical teaching right from the beginning till the end of the curriculum. We are providing experience faculties to help the students to recognize their truly potential and develop their aptitude in their area of expertise.

This curriculum covers every aspect of designing from the source of inspiration to the production of the original prototype. By the end of the course each student would be able to develop a strong basis of their skills set and capable of exploring the imagination and executing their own design



  • Basics of Design
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Color scheme and Color psychology (Colorwheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, tints, tones and shades)
  • Stippling (Pointalism)
  • One point perspective
  • Observation, life, outdoor, human drawing
  • Creativity/idea lab (each specialisation)
  • Art history

MODULE – Fashion Design

  • Introduction to fashion and its world, garment industry
  • Fashion drawing/Illustration
  • Introduction to design process, development of boards and Design collections, trend forecasting and analysis
  • Mood Board, inspiration Board, Accessories Card, Trims cards

MODULE – Basic Pattern Making and Garment Construction

  • Introduction to pattern making and garment construction tools
  • Introduction to measurements and its importance
  • Introduction to sewing machine and their parts and functions
  • Machine practice and sample development
  • Drafting of basic bodice, skirt and sleeve
  • Fabric preparation for garment construction, principle of layout
  • Conversation of basic blocks to different styles
  • Dart Manipulation on Basic Bodice Block
  • Variation of collar, skirt and sleeves.

MODULE – Textile Science

  • Introduction to textiles/fibres and its types
  • Introduction to Weaving and its types
  • Industrial Fabric knowledge count construction, Shrinkage, wash care instruction
  • Fabric study
  • Burning test

MODULE – Digital Imaging

  • Introduction to Photoshop and its tools, Basics of Photoshop
  • Textures and patters development
  • Mood, color, trend, client board development

MODULE – Production Management

  • Fundamentals of production management
  • Planning and costing management on excel
  • Production Lay outing
  • Production Document

PROJECT 1 – Making of 3 different garments


MODULE – Advanced Pattern Making and Garment Construction

  • Pattern making and construction of Torso blocks
  • Variation of basic Torso &Trouser
  • Pattern making and construction of Hi-Street Garment
  • Pattern making and construction of Hi-Street Garments on knit fabric

MODULE – Digital Imaging

  • Introduction to Corel draw and its tools, Basics of Corel draw
  • Logo designing and motif development

MODULE – Surface Ornamentation

  • Introduction to traditional Indian embroideries
  • Learning freestyle embroidery
  • Fabric manipulation- tucks, pleats, gathers
  • Brief introduction to dying and printing and their methods

MODULE – Merchandising

PROJECT 2/PORTFOLIO – Development of Design collection (5-6 garments)

Upon successful completion of the one year Diploma in Fashion Design, students can choose to progress into the second year of study.