Advanced Diploma in Interior Design


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This Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing course covers semester III and IV which includes modules like Advanced AutoCAD, Basics and Advance of 3DS Max, Environment Design, Landscape Design and more.

Course Information:

Course Duration 2 Years
Class Days 4 Days in a Week
Class Hours 4 Hours
Course Eligibility 10 + 2 (Any Stream)



MODULE AutoCAD Advance

  • 3D Interface, Viewports and Visual styles.
  • Steering Wheel, View Cube and Orbit
  • 3D Modelling Methods- Wireframe, Surface and Solid.
  • Tools and Operations
  • Lighting types of light and their settings
  • Camera settings and walk through
  • Material and rendering
  • AVI file saving

MODULE Building Construction II

  • Partitions, Panelling, Cladding, False Ceiling, RCP

MODULE Building Services II

  • Acoustics, HVAC, Lighting

MODULE Market Research

  • Architectural and Interior Design Exhibitions
  • Construction Product and Material Exhibitions

MODULE 3DS Max Basics

MODULE Costing and Estimation

  • Material, Quantity, Calculation, Estimation
  • Preparation, Bill of Quantity (BOQ’s)

MODULE Green Interiors (Environment Design)

  • Climatology, Green Building Design,
  • Intelligent Building Design, Eco-Friendly Materials

MODULE Projects (Retail and Restaurant)

PROJECT 3: Retail Design Basics-

  • Ergonomics, Types of layouts, Consumer buying behaviour, merchandise visual concepts, etc.
  • Plan & Design a Retail Showroom, with the given specifications (by the faculty), based on Brand/multi-brand/product outlet

PROJECT 4: Restaurant Design Basics ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment, Commercial Kitchen, etc.

  • Plan & Design a Restaurant, with the given specifications (by the faculty), based on a theme/ style/ concept


MODULE Personality Development

MODULE Material Workshop

  • Vernacular Material Workshops
  • Advanced Material Workshops

MODULE – Fundamentals of Furniture Design

  • Aesthetics in Furniture
  • Form, Function, Style

MODULE – Fundamentals of Product Design

  • Product Research
  • Product Concepts
  • Product Development

MODULE – Project Management

  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Critical Path Method
  • Program Evaluation Review Technique Gantt Charts

MODULE – Design Project (Thesis)

THESIS PROJECT 4: Designing the whole project based on ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment, etc.

MODULE – 3DS Max (Advance)

MODULE – Landscape Design

  • Elements of Landscape
  • Contours
  • Effective Design Measures

MODULE – Landscape Design (Practical)

LANDSCAPE PROJECT: Designing the landscape of the given area applying the fundamentals of Landscape Design ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment