Advanced Diploma in Interior Design



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MODULE AutoCAD Advance

  • 3D Interface, Viewports and Visual styles.
  • Steering Wheel, View Cube and Orbit
  • 3D Modelling Methods- Wireframe, Surface and Solid.
  • Tools and Operations
  • Lighting types of light and their settings
  • Camera settings and walk through
  • Material and rendering
  • AVI file saving

MODULE Building Construction II

  • Partitions, Panelling, Cladding, False Ceiling, RCP

MODULE Building Services II

  • Acoustics, HVAC, Lighting

MODULE Market Research

  • Architectural and Interior Design Exhibitions
  • Construction Product and Material Exhibitions

MODULE 3DS Max Basics

MODULE Costing and Estimation

  • Material, Quantity, Calculation, Estimation
  • Preparation, Bill of Quantity (BOQ’s)

MODULE Green Interiors (Environment Design)

  • Climatology, Green Building Design,
  • Intelligent Building Design, Eco-Friendly Materials

MODULE Projects (Retail and Restaurant)

PROJECT 3: Retail Design Basics-

  • Ergonomics, Types of layouts, Consumer buying behaviour, merchandise visual concepts, etc.
  • Plan & Design a Retail Showroom, with the given specifications (by the faculty), based on Brand/multi-brand/product outlet

PROJECT 4: Restaurant Design Basics ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment, Commercial Kitchen, etc.

  • Plan & Design a Restaurant, with the given specifications (by the faculty), based on a theme/ style/ concept


MODULE Personality Development

MODULE Material Workshop

  • Vernacular Material Workshops
  • Advanced Material Workshops

MODULE – Fundamentals of Furniture Design

  • Aesthetics in Furniture
  • Form, Function, Style

MODULE – Fundamentals of Product Design

  • Product Research
  • Product Concepts
  • Product Development

MODULE – Project Management

  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Critical Path Method
  • Program Evaluation Review Technique Gantt Charts

MODULE – Design Project (Thesis)

THESIS PROJECT 4: Designing the whole project based on ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment, etc.

MODULE – 3DS Max (Advance)

MODULE – Landscape Design

  • Elements of Landscape
  • Contours
  • Effective Design Measures

MODULE – Landscape Design (Practical)

LANDSCAPE PROJECT: Designing the landscape of the given area applying the fundamentals of Landscape Design ergonomics, space planning, workplace environment


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