Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design



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MODULE History of World Costumes, Fashion Art and Appreciation

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of History of Fashion
  • Fashion evolution and its significance
  • Study of world costumes in detail (western and traditional)
  • History of Indian Costume
  • Introduction to the world of art and appreciation and its importance
  • Art and Fashion- the mutual appreciation

MODULE Fashion Styling/Fashion Communication

  • Fundamentals of design, composition, styling and communication
  • Research and develop original concepts
  • Combine garments to create complementing looks to the clients
  • Design the visual aesthetic with the fashion product from choosing of props, accessories, location, model, photographic style, make-up and hair do
  • Fundamentals of Fashion display

MODULE Draping (Women’s Wear)

  • Draping of basic bodice and basic skirt on dress form
  • Draping of bias dress, blouse and skirt
  • Different draping techniques pleating, rouching and different draping manipulations

MODULE Pattern Making and Garment Construction of Men’s Wear

  • Construction of different samples for men’s shirt plackets and pockets
  • Pattern making and construction of shirts
  • Construction of different samples for men’s pants pockets, zipper placement, jet piece preparations
  • Pattern making and construction of men’s shirts

MODULE Advanced Digital Imaging

  • Introduction to Illustrator and its tools, Basics of Illustrator
  • Garments flat designing
  • Basic croqui- features, hairstyles, different poses

MODULE Fashion Marketing and Retailing

  • Basics of marketing
  • Fundamentals of marketing and its principles
  • Branding and retailing
  • Advertising & promotion

MODULE Men’s Fashion Illustration/Croqui by hand

  • Men’s Fashion drawing croqui making
  • Free hand sketching, stick figures, Block figure, fleshing the fifure
  • Men’s Fashion Illustrations by hand and computer
  • Rendering of Men’s fashion illustration

MODULE Craft Documentation

  • Study any Indian craft and do detail research about the craft, visit the place where craft is taking place, learn detailed process of the craft, click lot of pictures
  • Make any 3 products could be garments, home furnishings or accessories
  • Compile the process and make a coffee table book

PROJECT 3- Mens wear design collection (4-5 garments)


MODULE Fashion Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Identifying the Product and the Business Concept
  • Planning a Strategy to Open a Business
  • Finding the Right Location for the Business
  • Management, and market segmentation

MODULE Photography

  • Basics of Photography
  • Fundamentals of Fashion photography
  • Garments/Collection shoot

MODULE Portfolio Development/Professional Knowledge

  • Professional portfolio compilation and its process
  • Resume development
  • Personal presentation: the right approach
  • Industry process and knowledge

PROJECT 4-Development of Final COUTURE design collection (4-5 garments)


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