5 Tips to Decorate Your Home For Festivals

5 Tips to Decorate Your Home For Festivals

Its almost festive time and the whole country is eagerly looking forward too much excitement and is all set to welcome the future and enjoy the celebrations. The major chunk of these meetings takes place at home during these festivals. While you are planning to undergo a makeover yourself its about time you that did the same for your home.

Lets know more about ways of doing your place for this special occasion:

1) Rearranging the furniture in your Living Room

The living room is the place where you meet and greet guests at your place. This is the place where you catch u with your near and dear ones. The dcor of the living room should be designed in such a manner which befits the home. It suggested to place the sofas in a huddle of sorts for you to enjoy a relaxed conversation.

2) Selecting Bright Colours

Always use bright shades for home decor especially during the festive occasions. We Indians, always prefer bright colours for celebrations. You may want to re-do the walls to give a festive effect or even add an antique or two which stands out. Try putting ethnic rugs or curtains which will bring in the festive spirit.

3) Being selective about The Lighting

Proper lighting is quite essential in home during festive times like it is on a movie set. Light plays an important role in setting up the mood, be it shadows or the natural one. During the morning hours, let the natural light come in through your windows, thus creating and overall environment of casual, airy conversation and during the nights, some yellow light makes the whole place look cozy and musical.

4) Making a Photo wall

A wall full of hanging polaroids is quite in these days and looks quite trendy too. One such idea can be putting together and hanging all the old pictures which you clicked on get-togethers, and these could be of friends and family. The look of these polaroids brings in happy vibe in your house.

5) Decorating the Entrance Door

The main door is one of the most important places to be decorated in your home. Incase you dont have the time to make the traditional Rangoli outside your main door, then you can even grab one from the market and simply place it outside the main door of your house. One can even utilize decorative mirrors, framed brocade fabrics and pretty drapes which are available in net or georgette for doing up the main door of your home.