Q 1: What are the undergraduate programs offered by LISAA Delhi?

A 1: LISAA Delhi offers undergraduate programs in the following streams-

Q 2: What is the program duration?

A 2: Duration of Fashion Design and Graphic Design programs is 3 years and Interior Design is 4 years.

Q 3: What is the eligibility for the undergraduate programs?

A 3: Students from any stream(Science, Commerce & Humanities)who have appeared or passed the Senior Secondary School Examination or equivalent, 1o+2from any board, are eligible to apply.

Q 4: What is the admission process?

A 4:

Step 1: Fill up the Application form – Rs 1100/ (Available both online and on campus)

Step 2: LISAA CAT Exam-For Delhi NCR Students-On Campus written exam followed by personal interview For Outstation Students-Choice of Online Exam or On Campus written exam followed by skype/personal interview *Students are required to carry their portfolio (optional)

Step 3: Selected students are required to deposit Rs. 6oooo/-as registration fee. The same is adjustable in the first year fee.

Q 5: Explain the LISAA CAT exam?

A 5: The objective of LISAA CAT is to evaluate student’s aptitude, career focus and creativity.

Q 6: How to prepare for CAT exam?

A 6: A set of indicative questions is available on the LISAA’s website for reference purposes.

Q 7: What is the difference between online and offline exam?

A 7: In the online exam, the applicant can appear for the test from home or any other place.It is a time bound test. In the offline exam, the applicant is required to visit the campus on a pre-assigned date.

Q 8: How can I apply and where can I find the application form?

A 8: Applicant can apply either online or walk in at our campus to fill the application form Online application: Online application form is available at our website www.lisaadelhi.com Modes of online payment viz., Credit/Debit Card/NEFT/Net Banking Offline Application The Prospectus and application kit is available at LISAA campus upon payment of Rs. 11oo/-. Alternatively, the student can either make a bank deposit or submit a demand draft payable to “PJVS EDU Ventures India Private Limited”Axis Bank Branch:-Okhla Phase I, New Delhi (DL), 11002o. Account No. : 915020025710732 IFS Code UTIBoo01103 MICR Code 110211084

Q 9 : What is the fee structure?

A 9 : INR 2,51, o96 per annum ( inclusive of Service Tax@14.5%)

Q 1o: What are the recognition/validation of programs offered by LISAA Delhi?

A 1o: Undergraduate Programs offered by LISAA Delhi are validated by LISAA France

Q 11: What are the exam schedule/assessment criteria?

A 11:  Students are assessed by way of mid-term and end-term Jury held in the months of December and May respectively. The jury includes senior faculty members and experts from the respective industry.

To be eligible for the Jury, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum attendance of 85%
  2. Timely Submission of all assignments and projects
  3. Payment of all fee dues.

Q 12: What is the class schedule?

A 12: There will be tutorial classes of 22-29 hours per week. The weekly timetable will be shared on the day of the orientation.

Q 13: What is the minimum attendance?

A 13: 85% minimum attendance is compulsory,

Q 14:  What kind of faculty will be teaching?

A 14: We have a mix of Indian as well as International faculty members who come with rich industry experience and sound academic background. All our faculty members are trained by our French Education Director and follow the curriculum as laid down by LISAA France. Our curriculum therefore is internationally recognized and accepted worldwide.

Q 15: Is here any Scholarship or Discount available?

A 15: Scholarships are available under two categories-Merit based(Performance in Class XII/LISAA CAT Exam/NIFT/NID scores) and Need based(Dependent on annual family income being less than 5Lacs), Tho scholarship value Is up-to Rs, 25ooo/for the first year and is extended to the following years based on annual performance of the student. A 5% discount on tuition fee is available for one-time payment in full.

Q 16: What are the fee payment options?

A 16: Students can pay fee at one time or in installments. The detailed structure will be issued after selection

Q 17 :What is the procedure for bank loans?

A 17: Students are required to apply for bank loans from their preferred banks. Necessary documents from the institute will be provided on request,

Q 18: What is the number of seats per program?

A 18: 3o seats are available per batch

Q 19:  What is the date of commencement?

A 19: The program will commence from the 3rd week of August.


Early bird discount will be given to those students who will book their seats before April 2016 by paying Rs. 6oooo/-. We have a limited number of 15 seats for early bird discount. In this discount 3ok will be waived off from the total fee of Rs 2.51 Lac (applicable first year only) which means their actual fee will be 2.21 Lac for the FIRST YEAR only.