Diploma in Fashion Design



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  • Basics of Design
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Color scheme and Color psychology (Colorwheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, tints, tones and shades)
  • Stippling (Pointalism)
  • One point perspective
  • Observation, life, outdoor, human drawing
  • Creativity/idea lab (each specialisation)
  • Art history

MODULE – Fashion Design

  • Introduction to fashion and its world, garment industry
  • Fashion drawing/Illustration
  • Introduction to design process, development of boards and Design collections, trend forecasting and analysis

MODULE Basic Pattern Making and Garment Construction

  • Introduction to pattern making and garment construction tools
  • Introduction to measurements and its importance
  • Introduction to sewing machine and their parts and functions
  • Machine practice and sample development
  • Drafting of basic bodice, skirt and sleeve
  • Fabric preparation for garment construction, principle of layout
  • Conversation of basic blocks to different styles

MODULE Textile Science

  • Introduction to textiles/fibres and its types
  • Introduction to Weaving and its types
  • Fabric study
  • Burning test

MODULE Digital Imaging

  • Introduction to Photoshop and its tools, Basics of Photoshop
  • Textures and patters development
  • Mood, color, trend, client board development

MODULE – Production Management

  • Fundamentals of production management
  • Planning and costing management on excel

PROJECT 1 – Making of 3 different garments


MODULE – Advanced Pattern Making and Garment Construction

  • Pattern making and construction of Torso blocks
  • Pattern making and construction of Corsets
  • Pattern making and construction of Salwar and Kurti
  • Pattern making and construction of Churidaar and A-line kurti

MODULE Digital Imaging

  • Introduction to Corel draw and its tools, Basics of Corel draw
  • Logo designing and motif development

MODULE Surface Ornamentation

  • Introduction to traditional Indian embroideries
  • Learning freestyle embroidery
  • Fabric manipulation- tucks, pleats, gathers
  • Brief introduction to dying and printing and their methods

MODULE- Merchandising

PROJECT 2/PORTFOLIO – Development of Design collection (5-6 garments)

Upon successful completion of the one year Diploma in Fashion Design, students can choose to progress into the second year of study and avail the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design.